Tried, Tested and Loved: Five Best Working Spots in Zurich City


Switzerland is a small country that is easily accessible by train and this makes it possible is to live in one city and work in another. I have lived in Zurich since my arrival in 2014 but have always commuted. I studied in Basel then worked in Bern for a while and my current job is in Lucerne. One thing for certain is that a change of environment inspires creativity! Zurich is not only a gem for enjoying in your off time, but it is also a good place to work from. Whether you are a freelancer or have the option to work from another place other than your desk, here are some spots that I have tried, tested and loved in Zurich.


Hiltl Dachterrasse

Hiltl Dachterrasse aussen 2
Credits: Hiltl Dachterrasse

This gem located on the 3rdfloor of the PKZ building in the Bahnhofstrasse is my favorite place to work from. It has terraces on the left and right side and the atmosphere is both peaceful and inviting. The terrace is covered meaning you can work from there come rain or sunshine! There is also a lot of space inside for the colder months. It can get pretty full during the lunch hour, so earphones might be useful to cancel out the noise. The food is delicious, and the drinks are refreshing! Try the homemade lemonade, you will not regret it.

Free Wifi: There is Wi-Fi and all you have to do is register and you have full access.

Power Outlets: Yes (on the terrace too)


01 Café/Restaurant/Bar

01 is right at the tram stop Rudolph Brun-Brücke. From the outside you work looking right at the Limmat, Lindenhof, St. Peter Church as well as the Fraumünster Church. It also never gets boring as there are always people on the move. There is also space inside which would be more ideal when it is colder and when you need to charge your laptop.

Free Wifi: Yes, password protected but the just ask the staff.

Power Outlets: Yes, only inside the cafe.


Helvetia Restaurant/Bar


This is a serene restaurant located close to Stauffacher. It has both in and outside seating. The staff is kind and the coffee is delicious, I am not normally a coffee person but that Latte Macchiato is to die for! When I work here I don’t usually use earphones since the music is really calm and there is not much noise.

Free Wifi: They have fast and reliable Wi-Fi. If you ask the staff, they will give you the password.

Power Outlets: Yes


Starbucks Stauffacher

This provides an easy going atmosphere. It is normally very busy both in and outside but if you get a spot, the environment is work-friendly. The outside seating is quite loud since it is located right where four tram lines meet and there are lots of people. The bonus is that there are many other people working so you do not feel obliged to leave or to order a new drink every couple of hours.

Free Wifi: Yes, you have to register online

Power Outlets: Yes, inside. 


Migros City Restaurant

migros 2

Located near Löwenplatz is the Migros City which is a departmental store. There you go to the top floor where the restaurant is and the terrace is just after the buffet. This is by far the biggest and most spacious terrace I have seen so far! It has so much space which means it barely ever gets so full that you cannot find a spot to sit.

Free Wifi: Yes, you have to register for it online.

Power Outlets: Yes, There are quite a few power outlets inside.


Other Potential Spots

Certo and Bubbles are places that I have been to for food but have not worked from (I will update this when I have been there). The atmosphere in both of them is really relaxing and cozy. I like their food and can imagine that working from there must be as good.

The common factor with all these spots is that they are really inviting and you can work there without feeling like you have overstayed your welcome. These are my top tips for those days when you work from home but feel like getting out of your pajamas for a few hours.

It is almost impossible to put into words the amount of fulfillment that I find from writing, be it about my Swiss experiences, my homeland, travels or whatever, hence my blog. Humour, good food, music and dancing complete me. Among my passions, you will also find Gaelic football, Swiss cheese, English breakfasts and African sunsets.

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