The daily commute


Commuting daily to Lucerne has been nothing but interesting. I am on the tram by 6.45 which is pretty early but am fine with it now, I find it more entertaining than anything else. Because its Switzerland the morning kicks off with everyone politely asking each other if the seat next to them is free even though it clearly is 🙂 I am more the observer and sit there watching what everyone is doing. Here are 5 types of people I have met on my commute

  • The sleepy and unashamed – you know that kind of sleepiness where your head keeps hanging and drool comes out? Yup thats one group, these people are just exhausted and you can tell that early mornings are not for them. I have to admit, after watching there 120minute football games, I am like this too!
  • The zombi looking that wont let themselves snooze – this group of people just simply stare into thin air, wont let themselves sleep and don’t move or say a word apart from asking if the seat next to you is free of course. These are not people whose path you want to cross, best keep your distance.


  • The group of excited oldies going tracking – there is that occasional morning when you get on the train and realise the wagon is full of excited old people heading somewhere for a trip. This is absolutely ok except that they have this immense amount of energy that surprises me so early in the morning. 
  • The early bird – you also get those people that are wide awake by 7am and start having their breakfast and talking very loud. Groups of students are also there and pretty hard to cope with, just excited and loud. I would be lost without my earphones.
  • The make up artists – yes ladies, I see you, getting on the train with no eyebrows and hardly any lashes but getting off looking like models haha! I have tried this, it would be an amazing use of time but I cant handle the staring as I apply mascara on a moving train.

Can you relate to any of these people? I sure can. What ever kind of train rider you may be, as long as you don’t eat garlic or onions next to me at 7am, I will be friendly to you. In all you do, be friendly to fellow commuters and when you sit next to awesome and quiet people then I hope you dance! Not on the train of course, that would be weird but as soon as you get off 🙂

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