Once you have been to Africa, nothing else will do!


All I can say about Namibia is that you can shake the sand off your shoes but never from your soul!

Visiting Namibia and escaping the Swiss winter was one of our best travel ideas to date! Whenever we visit a new country, we take the walking tour on the first day, this helps orient us with the history and geography of the place. In Windhoek we did this too.

The walking tour took us to the Kristus Kirche, the Alte Feste, the Parliament building which has an amazing park just before it as well as past the museum. We learnt about the history of Namibia which was initially a German colony before South Africa took over. Namibia is independant now but accents from both colonizing countries can be picked up overall. We spent lots of time exploring in and around Windhoek and here are some of the places that we found interesting. We only found these places because we had the pleasure of being taken around by someone that knew them beforehand!

Avis Dam Nature Reserve

Avis Dam is a true walkers paradise, there is not much water in the actual dam but the scenes surrounding it are worth it. Just lace up your shoes and spend a good 2 hours walking and exploring. It is untouched, no buildings or facilities onsite. Just loads of space to enjoy the quiet nature.

Katutura Township

Have you ever wished to go to a country and experience things the way that locals do? Katutura food market is the place for that. There is meat galore and you can try out meat from as many stalls as you like until you find your favorite. When the meat is chosen, you move onto the section for the pap/sadza and sauce. The sauce is made by an incredibly fast guy while you watch, it consists of tomatoes, onions and some local spices. I have never had anything like it, best part is you eat it by hand, authentically African. Your best bet is to find a local to go down there with you as this area can be quite dangerous for outsiders.

On a rainy day

When we visited Windhoek it was rainy for the first 2 days so we resorted to indoor activities including Bowling at Maerua Mall in the city and driving around exploring.

If you have loads of time to spend in Windhoek and run out of things to do, you could also try Go-Carting, we did and had an absolute blast.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is a very nice place to hang out and have drinks, both day and night. They have great food, great music and a general good vibe. Also, Thursday nights they have live Jazz music which is really cool too. When we were there, a band called The Ice Cold Ginger Beers were on and we loved them!

Good Views from the top

One thing that we really enjoyed about Windhoek were the number of viewpoints accessible both by night and day. A few of them are; Three Circles, this one has walls filled with graffiti and is an urban artists paradise, next is the Hotel Thule, which offers incredible views too. Our favorite by night was the Sky Bar at the Hilton Hotel. The blog cover photo was taken from there. Its beautiful and peaceful, you wont regret going up there!

Windhoek is great but after a couple of days you have seen it all, literally. So here is what we did. We took a drive down to Swakopmund there after to Walvis Bay. Read my next blog detailing all there is to do in Swakopmund and Walvis.

It is almost impossible to put into words the amount of fulfillment that I find from writing, be it about my Swiss experiences, my homeland, travels or whatever, hence my blog. Humour, good food, music and dancing complete me. Among my passions, you will also find Gaelic football, Swiss cheese, English breakfasts and African sunsets.

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