I heard the new President of Zimbabwe was in my neighborhood so I put on my best dress and I went to meet him.


What do you wear to meet the president? That is what I asked myself before asking if I would be able to meet him at all! You know what I did? I put on my best dress, sorted my hair out, wore my high heels because they make me feel fearless and I headed to meet him.

I listened to him speak, wondering if he meant what he said, only time will tell. All I wanted was to be in the same room with him, watch, listen and decide if the 37 years wait for a new president was worth it. I could not decide, not after one encounter, he asked if people could give him time before deciding if he is a good or bad president, so time will tell, we have to wait and see.

On his way out, he stopped where I was, shook my hand, cracked a joke and told me he was happy to see a young person in the room. Nothing in the world could have prepared me for that moment, all I could says was, “its good to meet you sir”. They call him “the crocodile” so I thought he would be tough and aggressive but he was very calm and polite, at least to me. I looked him in the eyes and tried to see through him, unfortunately I could not, 5 seconds is barely enough time.
Before this day, I had my elevator pitch ready for the day I would meet The President, I would ask him hard questions and demand answers, I would be strong and assertive! That didn’t happen today, not today.
When I woke up this morning, all I wanted was to be in the same room with the President, I got more than that, I spoke to him and best of all I heard him tell his plans for my country. I am glad we now have our first meeting out of the way! Next time we meet, I hope the economy is better, if not, he will have some hard questions from me. I will put on my best dress, my high heels and I will be fearless.

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