Faith in Humanity = Restored


Just when it looks like the human race is on a downward spiral, i found a silver lining in a dark cloud and i hope you find yours. I slightly raptured the ligament in my ankle while playing Netball a little over a week ago. The pain was excruciating and i was convinced something had broken (thank God not). Needless to say, my teammates (bless them) stopped the game and helped me take all the right steps to make sure it didn’t get any worse. One of my teammates even offered to drive me home and she made sure i was ok before she left. How kind right! My biggest surprise however,  was not from how my teammates were there for me, it was from the strangers i have met along the way. Being in crutches has not been easy but here is my silver lining; 

  1. I have not had to run for the tram, random strangers have been holding the door for me, the tram drivers are also a bit more patient and when they see me making my way, they do not jet off and leave me hanging. Thank you for that! Holding an umbrella while holding crutches in this rainy weather is not in anyway easy.
  2. I also have not had to worry about holding doors open when i walk into buildings, basically people around me at every point have made sure i was through the door first before letting it close and some go out of their way to come and open it for me.
  3. When i get on any public transport there is no struggle for a seat, people volunteer their seats so quickly, i remember on one tram i had 3 different seat offers and i really had to smile just thinking of how kind those strangers were being to me.
  4. The next thing that surprised me is the ‘solidarity nod’ that i share with fellow injured people as if to say “I know it ain’t easy but hang in there friend”.  
  5. Lady that helped me put on my jacket….holding crutches and trying to put on a jacket turned out to be harder than i thought. An old lady not only put the jacket on me but also patted it down to make sure it looked nice. Thank you again for your help.

Despite the many problems thats our world is facing, i realized that it is in our nature to take care of the weak amongst us and i hope that we never lose or suppress that instinct. I have talked to more random people during this time than any other time in my life and i love it! 

The beauty in life lies not only in the big things that people do for us but also in the very small gestures like a simple smile. Like someone rightfully said; ‘The best things in life are free’. I realised that some people out there are really great and now i have decided to embark on a quest of being kinder than necessary and I hope that it makes a difference to someone’s day/life. I hope you join me in this quest. No act of kindness goes unnoticed, do nice things for random strangers, they may or may not need it but whats there to lose? Lets restore each others faith in humanity like how mine has been restored by these kind Zürchers. 

When you get a chance to gladly offer a pregnant, injured, old person your seat then i hope you dance. 

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