Captivating Catches in Copenhagen


I was recently in Copenhagen and can honestly describe it as one of the prettiest cities I have been to in a really long time! There are some really great things about Denmark as a whole that I learnt while there so I decided to share them with you;

Hans Christian Andersen was Danish

You all know his works/fairytales which include The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling, Snow Queeen. He Died in 1875. His work was translated to 125 languages and adapted into multiple productions around the world. When he died he said, “truly, my life has been a fairytale”

Cozy Street

Fires in Copenhagen

There were three great fires that burnt down Copenhagen through the ages and a lot had to be rebuilt. The above street is one that never got burnt down and is one of the only original streets remaining. Very cozy street.

Bluetooth as we know it was named after a Danish king

His name is Harald Bluetooth (nickname) and he was very well known for uniting all of Scandinavia through Christianity. When Ericsson, Nokia, Intel and later IBM needed a name for this technology they developed they thought best to name it after the best connecter of all time. I know, my mind was blown too!

Pretty Towers in the city

Let us hygge

Hygge is a Danish concept that symbolizes the feeling of happiness and satisfaction. When at home, it’s symbolized by a sheep rug, a candle and some tea. All the nordic themes we see around us today, serve the purpose of creating a “hygge” home.

My Danish connection to Zimbabwe

The extension of the Royal Library in Copenhagen is pitch black. It was made from granite that was imported from Zimbabwe. Yes, I can’t help but feel proud of that one!

Royal Library

Jazz Music

The jazz culture in Copenhagen started through African American soldiers that settled in the city. They opened bars and had many live jazz sessions, and this lives on in the city.

Social Security

Denmark has a great social welfare policy. There are very high taxes in the country but the citizens enjoy benefits like free child care, free education till masters, healthcare etc. Definitely a working system!

A little piece of home for all in a park

There is a park In Norrebro, one of the most culturally rich areas of Copenhagen that is fascinating. A lot of immigrants live in this area. The designers of the park conducted a survey to check what the residents of this place missed the most from home and either imported or rebuilt whatever they said. Among the many artifacts you find a fountain from Morroco, an octopus slide from Japan, soil from Palestine, a braai from South Africa, as well as a bench from Switzerland!

Black Park in Norrebro

Drink and be merry you Vikings!

Beer Drinking is a national hobby in Copenhagen. In the olden times when water was deemed unclean the city survived on beer, children included. It was then the rule that no regulations could be passed after 12 midday. This made sense if people started drinking from morning, their judgement would be blurred by midday no doubt! Times have changed and the water is cleaner now – some would say that’s such a shame!

I could go on and on about the amazing Danes, about how the biggest Dome in all of Scandinavia is in Copenhagen or how Denmark has the oldest navy in the world but I choose to stop here for today. If you ever have a chance to go to Copenhagen then I Hope You Dance!

It is almost impossible to put into words the amount of fulfillment that I find from writing, be it about my Swiss experiences, my homeland, travels or whatever, hence my blog. Humour, good food, music and dancing complete me. Among my passions, you will also find Gaelic football, Swiss cheese, English breakfasts and African sunsets.

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