7 good reasons to visit Las Palmas


This is surely one of the calmest places that I have ever visted. I love beach holidays as much as the next girl but I cannot spend a whole week being at the beach every hour of every day which is why Las Palmas is the perfect place for me. It combines beach holidays with city exploring all at once. 

Here are 7 things that I loved about Las Palmas:

 Las Canteras Beach

This beach was voted the best urban beach in the world by trip advisor and with good reason too! It stretches over 2.5km and right next to it is the city centre. There is surfing, snorkeling and there is pure beach bumming. Truth is you don’t ever have to leave Las Canteras, except to quench that sense of adventure.

Local Cultural Dancers Saturday Mornings

This takes place every Saturday morning, approximately 1130 at Santa Catalina Park. If you want to get a sense of the culture then this is the place to go. The band plays music and sings, there are coordinated dances but people from the public dance along too!

Great views from high places

Our local guide showed us a gem of a spot to view the city from. We went up to AC Hotel which consists of 23 floors making it the highest building in the city. If you are however looking for a high place to watch the sunset from then head over to the Raina Isabela Hotel which overlooks the beach.

Churros for breakfast

Everyone loooves churros, its that guilty pleasure. In Switzerland you find them at food festivals and the longest dessert line is for churros. Now getting to Gran Canaria hearing that churros are a breakfast meal was beyond exciting.

Food that leaves an impression on you

Forget about French cuisine as being the best in the world, Canarian cuisine is the way to go. There are lots of seafood and tapas restaurants right on the beachfront and within the city centre. Our favorite restaurant for Tapas was the Tasca Gallileo which is a friendly and cozy restaurant that is off the tourist path. It opens at 8pm and quickly gets full, I have never tasted Tapas so good! Try the grilled cheese with melon lemonande and thank me later. 

Loads of Cheese and Jamón ibérico boards to be had!

Aquariums are plain awesome

This newly opened aquarium is huge and well made with designated areas to watch aand learn about fish from. You have all kinds and sizes from tiny neon fish to sharks. There is even a tank dedicated to Nemo where you find all the fish from the movie, exciting. All the information is written in English, German and Spanish so all can follow. 

Staying in Las Palmas allows for day trips elsewhere

An advantage of being in Las Palmas is that it is easy it is to get to other places from there. A 1.5hrs bus ride takes you to Maspolamas where you have the famous sand dunes right next to the ocean. Alternatively you can take bus 91 to Amadores where you can either hang at the picture perfect white sand beach or the Playa de Tetra which is less crowded and has great big waves.

Playa de Tetra

Luki and I loved Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, if you do go and enjoy it as much as we did then I Hope You dance!

It is almost impossible to put into words the amount of fulfillment that I find from writing, be it about my Swiss experiences, my homeland, travels or whatever, hence my blog. Humour, good food, music and dancing complete me. Among my passions, you will also find Gaelic football, Swiss cheese, English breakfasts and African sunsets.

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