2 Weddings, 2 Continents, 3 Dresses


I love weddings, am not sure if it’s the idea of seeing 2 people in love, the free food and drinks or the dancing that gets me excited but I just love weddings.


Weddings have become rather extravagant and expensive in the last decades and despite the advice from people not to make too much of a splash of it, we still go on and make sure we have the things we like the most on the big day. What makes a wedding successful is not how much or how little money you spend on it, it’s the memories that come from it. However much you can afford, just make sure that you and your partner have a hell of a time such that every penny is worth it!! We had the court marriage in Switzerland and the bigger wedding celebration in Zimbabwe. Both our wedding celebrations were great because we were surrounded by our friends and family. Planning and executing two weddings has made me somewhat a pro and I feel like it has also qualified me to give advice so here goes.

1. In everything, remember that it is about the 2 of you


It will not be possible to make all 100+ people happy with everything, it just will not so don’t bother. Just do what is humanly possible, be it with drinks, food or music choice. Our decor was centred around our story. The menus were passport shaped, every table labelled according to every city we have been together and the gift table had the clocks showing time from around the world. This was a reminder for us and for those around us that we have come a long way to be where we are today. We celebrated our love and our story in the presence of those that matter and it worked for us, it might also work for you.

2. Good music makes a good party

This will be the day that you get to dance to Justin Bieber with absolutely no shame and everyone that loves you and cares about making the day special for you, will dance along just fine. If you can have a DJ then great if not then just make sure you have a playlist that will make all age groups dance, from the 60s hits for the parents to the latest music for the younger generations. I personally enjoy dancing much more when I know at least 5 tracks every hour so keep the groovy tracks rolling! Be sure to have flats close by, there is simply no point in failing to dance at your wedding because the shoes are too high or too tight. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking your heels off if they hurt, which they most likely will because they are new. If you are not a flats kind of girl then maybe take an old paid of heels that you know are comfortable that you can switch to for getting down.

3. Food and drinks


It is amazing to have a good spread and food generally makes people happy so if possible invest well there, it’s one of the items where you will make it to make most people happy. If it’s in Switzerland maybe have meat and vegi options and in Zimbabwe mmmh two or more meat options should do the trick in most cases. Don’t forget the coleslaw on the side because what is a Zim wedding without it!

4. Make memories, save them for later

When the day is long over, you will need juicy stories to talk about so make mental notes of funny things you see through the night so you can laugh about it afterwards. Instead of getting annoyed by things, make fun of them. If the flower girl falls or when your granpa lets loose and busts a move, just enjoy it all. Watch wedding fails on youtube, this opens your eyes to some crazy things that happen at weddings, it helped me care less about the myth of perfection.

5. A good photographer is worth it

When the wedding party ends, all you will have left are the pictures and videos that were made of your big day and good pictures will be the best way to preserve the moments that you lived. Meet up with the photographers and videographers beforehand to discuss what you expect and look at samples of their work. Ask them to capture the not so obvious moments because those are the most beautiful. Make sure you click with the photographer, it will make you look less tense in the pictures despite all the pressure. Also ask them to direct the photo shoots so that you are not stressing about gathering up all the guests, you can focus on being stunning 🙂

Rounding it all up

There are no perfect weddings, there are just “we did our best and had a blast weddings”. Those that care about you and those that care about the food will show up and have fun. Not everyone you would like to have will be able to make it and that’s sad but heck, make the most with those that show up. If you are a guest or a part of the bridal party, make it all about the couple, it is after all the first day of the rest of their lives! These are some of the thoughts and ideas that I came up with 2 weddings, 2 continents and 3 dresses later. When your party rocks and the food tastes great then I Hope You Dance.

Photocredits: Pic 1: Elina Neustroeva, Pic 2: Mgcini Nyoni, Pic 3: Corina Farkas

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