My Swiss Culture Shock

Its been about 3.5 years since I moved to good old Switzerland and as I was thinking back I realized that there are some things that are somewhat normal for me now that were complete shockers in the beginning. We all experience things differently and I do not assume that everyone has had it this... Continue Reading →

2 Weddings, 2 Continents, 3 Dresses

I love weddings, am not sure if it’s the idea of seeing 2 people in love, the free food and drinks or the dancing that gets me excited but I just love weddings. Weddings have become rather extravagant and expensive in the last decades and despite the advice from people not to make too much... Continue Reading →

Faith in Humanity = Restored

Just when it looks like the human race is on a downward spiral, i found a silver lining in a dark cloud and i hope you find yours. I slightly raptured the ligament in my ankle while playing Netball a little over a week ago. The pain was excruciating and i was convinced something had broken... Continue Reading →

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